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Benefits for Healthcare Professionals

Over 15 years ago, the innovative PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural polymer quickly became the material of choice in interbody fusion and developed a successful clinical track record.  Today it is used in dental applications and is being investigated for use in knee joint arthroplasty.  Since its’ introduction, Invibio has continued to innovate with the introduction of PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced for applications requiring bone apposition and PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced, a carbon fiber composite for non-metal fracture fixation solutions.  Today approximately 9 million PEEK-OPTIMA devices are implanted worldwide.


Our revolutionary PEEK-OPTIMA Polymers are biocompatible, safe and biostable and have been used in thousands of approved, implantable devices worldwide.

Modulus similar to bone

PEEK-OPTIMA Polymers are strong, durable and less stiff compared to metal. They offer a bone-like modulus that helps minimize stress shielding and stimulate bone healing.


Implantable devices made with PEEK-OPTIMA Polymers are radiolucent without imaging artifacts in X-rays, CT and MRI scans, making it a good option when unobstructed views are required to assess healing or disease progression.

Our Areas of Expertise

As a leading provider of PEEK-based biomaterial solutions worldwide, Invibio is focused on meeting the needs of healthcare professionals and has a strong commitment to continually innovate for improved patient outcomes.  Everyday, our implantable PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are used in diverse medical applications.  Explore our areas of expertise and non-metal solutions for:

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