Non-Implantable PEEK

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Non-implantable PEEK solutions

Invibio, part of Victrex plc, specialises in implantable PEEK solutions for long-term medical implants and devices that are in contact with human tissue. Victrex has continually pioneered new PEEK-based polymers, materials and solutions that have transformed markets, delivering global impact in the toughest environments, including for non-implantable medical devices. 


Victrex focuses on PEEK & PAEK polymers, considered the world's highest performing thermoplastics and has a range of medical grade non-implantable polymers including films, tapes and fibres. Their polymers are strong, temperature resistant, friction and wear resistance and have a low dielectric strength and can be used in medical devices that will not be in contact with human tissue. 

Short-term implantable

PEEK-CLASSIXTM polymer is suitable for medical devices that will be in contact with human tissue for 30 days or less.  PEEK-CLASSIX offers a high-performance polymer solution with a low level of extractables and leachables, and chemical resistance to drug concentrates, and the extremes found within the human body. 

Long-term implantable

PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers are for medical devices which will be in implanted into the human body for more 30 days or more. PEEK-OPTIMA offers all of the mechanical characteristics of non- and short-term implantable PEEK solutions, with added biocompatibility and a masterfile of data from more than 20 years of clinical history. 

A multi-talent with proven performance

PEEK polymers are well suited for extreme and demanding environments, whether in the form of powder, pellets, or compounds or forms and parts. The light thermoplastic can support multiple requirements at the same time – to solve material limitations in applications, often replacing metals, and to meet cost-efficiency and sustainability needs. 

High temperature performance

Suitable for continuous-use temperatures up to 260°C (500°F). Glass transition temperatures up to 170°C (338°F)


High wear resistance

Low coefficient of friction. High abrasion and cut-through resistance.


Mechanical strength & dimensional stability

High strength and stiffness in demanding conditions. Excellent long-term creep and fatigue properties

Chemical Resistance Icon showing a conical flask

Resistance to harsh chemicals

Withstands a wide range of acids and bases and shows excellent performance in hydrocarbons and organic solvents.

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High electrical integrity

Consistent properties across a range of frequencies and temperatures. Insulating, conducting and static dissipative materials.


High purity & bio inert

Resistance to gamma and electron beam radiation as well as transparent to X-rays.


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