Active implantable medical devices 

Delivering performance in a range of implantable electronic medical applications

Technology to stimulate innovation 

High performance PEEK polymers have the potential to enable new ways of developing new, powerful therapeutic approaches to neurological and pain management conditions

Transformative PEEK implant material for medical applications

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Masterfile of biocompatibility and clinical evidence, from over 15 million devices implanted over 20 years, in a wide range of human tissue types. 

Minimal electrical interference & loss

Exceptional performance as an insulator, with minimal interference and minimal loss over changing conditions such as temperature, humidity, and frequency.

Electrical stability

Very stable dielectric properties (Dk, Df) over a wide range of temperatures, humidities and frequencies to support connectivity and telemetry

Improved visibility under imaging

Radiolucent in X-rays, MRI and other imaging

Hydrolysis resistance

Low moisture absorption (0.05wt%) means components retain dimensions in biological or fluid environments

Lightweight & durable

Able to resist impact, and for continued use over time, even in miniaturised parts under load
PEEK granules

Article: PEEK polymer - a good choice for active implantable medical devices?

Whenever a challenging combination of material properties is required in implantable devices, high-performing PEEK polymers offer a range of compelling mechanical, chemical and electrical attributes & biocompatibility.

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