composite trauma plate solutions

Pioneering the use of carbon fiber PEEK polymers for trauma solutions

Pioneering trauma solutions to address unmet needs

Invibio has invested in research & development to push our carbon fiber (CFR) PEEK-OPTIMATM Ultra-Reinforced polymer to its maximum potential. By collaborating with leading trauma experts, innovators and implant manufacturers, we have developed a community who is passionate about advancing patient outcomes through high performance CFR-PEEK polymer solutions. 
How we work

Meeting the needs of medical device companies, surgeons and patients

Invibio is committed to developing solutions that can bring significant advantages
for patients and surgeons. We are more than a biomaterials provider; we are a
partner that can add value to all stages of a medical device product lifecycle.
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Evaluate new markets
Utilizing multiple approaches to gain insight into patient and clinician challenges and health economic impact
Inspection of two trauma plates
Expediting Market Adoption
Generating clinical evidence and collaborating with KOLs to drive market adoption; offering our partners technical, marketing and sales support.
Invibio employee inspecting a trauma plate
Pre-launch technology support
Collaborating with universities and our partners to determine performance criteria and address risks
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Supporting Regulatory Processes
Partnering to identify regulatory pathways in support of fast tracking clearance.
Validating Performance
Collaborating with universities and our partners to determine performance criteria and address risks.
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How we support research

We are curious to hear about new projects involving PAEKs. Invibio has a focused business strategy which drives our R&D project portfolio in specific directions to challenge the state-of-the-art and develop the products, forms and parts of tomorrow. We selectively support research projects which are closely aligned with our business strategy and thereby accelerate innovation and commercial outcomes. Key focus areas include: polymer chemistry and materials science as well as computational chemistry, simulation and modelling related to polyaryletherketones and PAEK-based composites.

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