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PEEK polymers for implantable and non-implantable drug delivery devices

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eBook: A Guide to PEEK Polymers for Drug Delivery Devices

For components that require mechanical, high performance and biocompatibility then high performance PEEK polymers can offer a solution. Learn about the properties of PEEK and the applications where it can be used in advanced product engineering. 

Megatrends driving change in drug delivery devices

Connectivity and IoT

Connected devices will gather data through intelligent devices and communicate important information to remotely monitor or regulate a device. Integrated electronics may be customisable to allow for different types of user.

Home-based care

Care is trending to move away from hospital-based treatments. Devices now needs to incorporate more human-centred design factors to promote user adherence and reduce user-related risks.

Large molecule biologics

Next generation biologics with larger molecules bring new challenges in their delivery, such as larger dosage volumes of 2.25ml and high viscosity formulations via infusion pumps, syringes or on-body auto injectors.


Drug delivery components

Wearable health technologies

Watch this animation of a concept for a lightweight, innovative & semi-reusable on-body patch pump to see how PEEK can be used to improve the performance of components for subcutaneous delivery such as pistons and plungers, gear drive systems, and integrated structural electronics.
Boehringer Soft mist inhaler

Drug delivery to the lungs

Watch this animation of a concept for a next generation vaporizing inhaler, made with PEEK components, including thermally resistant thin walled structures, components that are in direct contact with drug concentrates, and a biocompatible mouthpiece that retains good dimensional stability under repeated use and heat to create a secure airflow channel.


Introduction to PEEK polymers for drug delivery devices

PEEK granules

Introduction to PEEK polymers for drug delivery devices

Marcus Jarman-Smith
How to develop connected devices with PEEK. Learn from PEEK expert Marcus Jarman-Smith and team  
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Medical drug delivery Respimat inhaler
case study

Boehringer Ingelheim overhauled the Respimat® inhaler to move away from metals to PEEK polymers

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