Sports medicine

PEEK-OPTIMATM polymer arthroscopic solutions for soft tissue anchors and meniscal repair systems

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers in sports medicine devices

Used in applications such as suture anchors, interference screws, and meniscal repair devices, our highly biocompatible polymer can replace metal and bioabsorbable materials, helping to avoid allergic reactions and minimizing cystic formation. We enable design engineers with the properties to create the next generation of static and dynamic anchors to facilitate rapid return to physical activity.


Supporting the medical industry for two decades, our PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer solutions are proven across a range of specialty applications
Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy

Suture anchors made using PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers  provide a strong, stable and highly versatile platform for optimal tissue-to-bone healing1,7.

The mechanical properties of PEEK-OPTIMA  deliver several clinical benefits over metals, bioabsorbable and other biomaterials:

  • design flexibility to incorporate complex functionality such as knotless retention of suture, allowing the surgeon to eliminate manual knot tying
  • significantly lower osteolysis
  • improved bone ongrowth9
Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy

Tibial and femoral interference screw systems made from PEEK-OPTIMATM  polymers provide many structural properties needed when designing the next generation fixation system:

  • Cortical and cancellous thread forms can be molded or machined to provide the ideal bite for the target boney substrate
  • Strength to withstand the high torque loads encountered during graft impingement in the bone tunnel
  • Are radiolucent, allowing simple post-operative assessment of repairs before final tensioning and closure using standard imaging techniques2
  • Bio-inert to reduce the risk of patient reaction to devices implanted in the body2
Foot and ankle toe plate


Pre-contoured anatomic plates for hand, foot & ankle applications, cannulated implants for proximal interphalangeal fusions, and wedges for osteotomies are examples where PEEK-OPTIMA polymers can drive superior performance, including:

  • Bioinert and biocompatible with modulus of elasticity close to cortical bone
  • Radiolucency allowing for a more accurate assessment of fusion3
  • Improved patient satisfaction4
  • Improved level of direct bone contact in as early as 4 weeks5
  • New bone formation as early as 6 weeks6

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