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Victrex is a world leader in PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions

A world leader in implantable PEEK  polymer solutions

With every new development, we seek to deliver better outcomes for our customers - helping medical device manufacturers overcome complex design and engineering challenges.

Our focus is on implantable PEEK polymer solutions that can help support manufacturers create implants and medical devices that can help to drive improved clinical outcomes.


Invibio invests in production capabilities ahead of demand to meet customers needs.  This includes our extensive PEEK and PAEK polymer production with the world's highest capacity of 7,150 tonnes.  This, combined with our upstream integration of key raw materials, ensures quality and supply control.

Explore our PEEK-type solutions

Invibio solutions deliver exceptional performance in extreme environments, helping customers solve critical challenges that go beyond current material limitations, typically replacing metal.

Implantable polymers

Invibio focuses on medical-grade, implantable polymer solutions. Our family of PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers has a 20 year history of proven clinical outcomes.


Non-implantable polymers

Our non-implantable polymers are strong, temperature resistant, friction and wear resistance and have a low dielectric strength and can be used in medical devices that will not be in contact with human tissue


PEEK components

We work with strategic partners to support designing and engineering medical components with high-performing PEEK-OPTIMATM polymer solutions

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Worldwide presence

With production facilities in the UK and sales and distribution centers around the world, our global market development, sales, and technical support services offer practical assistance in all areas of processing, design and application development.