Revolutionizing prosthetic dentistry

PEEK-OPTIMATM polymer for a more natural feeling choice for dental devices 

Dental specialists choose high performance polymers

Dental prosthetics made with JUVORA Dental Discs enable superior precision through CAD/CAM workflows that delivers tailored fit and comfort1. Made from our PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer, this innovative biomaterial flexes and, unlike metal, enables the absorption of shock in the masticatory system, protecting the device and patient, especially in cases of bruxism which can lead to parafunction.


Our flexible, durable and lightweight biomaterial offers a solution that shows an improvement in patient benefits such as comfort2-4, and clinical benefits such as implant survival and reduced bone loss1
Dental full arch

Full-arch implant supported prostheses

The JUVORATM dental disc is a high performance polymer of choice available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses. It is engineered for modern CAD/CAM manufacture of implant-borne, full arch prosthetics, offering a lightweight, yet durable alternative to metals and zirconia. 
Dental removable prosthetics RPD

Removable solutions

The JUVORA Dental Disc is suitable for a wide range of indications, including removable clasp dentures, removable attachment dentures and telescope dentures. Read the eIFU for guidance on intended use.

Malo Clinic STUDY JUVORA™  FOR ALL-ON-4® treatment

See the clinical evidence from a long-term study into our high performance polymers used as a substructure for the Clinic's signature All-on-4® procedure5
Medical Dental Juvora disc close up in CADCAM

Looking for IFUs and Processing Guides?

Visit our resource centre for instructions on how to use the JUVORATM Dental Disc

Evidence in Dental solutions

Magical All-on-4: Esthetic implant workflow of screw retained bridges with a PEEK substructure
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Medical Dental Juvora Miguel Nobre Malo Clinic
MALO CLINIC's Dr Miguel de Araujo: potential of PEEK infrastructures for achieving & maintaining results
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Medical Dental Antonio_Silva Malo Clinic
The advantage of PEEK in the dental laboratory with António Silva CDT, MALO CLINIC
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5. ALL-ON-4 is a trademark of Nobel Biocare Services AG