Advancing the science of implantable devices

Invibio Biomaterial Solutions is a proven partner to medical device manufacturers and a worldwide leading provider of biomaterial solutions.

Transformative PEEK implant material for medical applications

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Spine & Orthopedics

Our biocompatible PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers are a leading choice for applications including spinal interbody fusion devices & anterior cervical plates


Delivering next generation technologies for fracture fixation and reducing implant failure, our carbon fiber composite trauma solutions are benefiting patients worldwide with a less stiff material compared to metal

Medical devices

Short and long-term implantable solutions for cardiovascular, neurological and connected drug delivery devices such as diabetes management and respiratory devices


Shock absorbing, durable and lightweight biomaterials for restorative and prosthetic dentistry, that offer a more natural dental solution than metals and ceramics

A video of Victrex CEO, Jakob Sigurdsson, sharing is thoughts on global megatrends.
Innovation with imagination

Climate change, social demographics and technology breakthroughs are examples of the global megatrends reshaping our world. We apply new thinking that challenges the status quo, finding new ways to solve complex design challenges, with game-changing solutions that inspire breakthroughs using material science.

Can polymers help my product design to address sustainability?

Through industry leading PEEK and PAEK-based polymer solutions, we enable customers to develop sustainable solutions and overcome complex design & engineering challenges.
Victrex celebrates the opening of a new medical device product development centre in Leeds, UK
Invibio opens new orthopedic medical device product development and manufacturing centre
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Beijing Fule and Invibio Biomaterial Solutions co-operation leads to a first for China
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First Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty with the PEEK-OPTIMA™ Polymer Femoral Component
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Drug delivery components

A Guide to PEEK Polymers for Drug Delivery Device Engineering

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Medical POHAE HA crytals

Discover the benefits of PEEK-OPTIMATM HA Enhanced polymer in spinal devices

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chemical resistance
Compliance support for PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer devices under new EU Medical Device Regulations
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