PEEK-OPTIMATM Polymers, a non-metal alternative for extremity applications

The US orthopaedic extremity device market was estimated to reach $4.2 billion by 2016 and is forecasted for continued growth.Several factors driving this growth include; heavy investing by manufacturers, as other orthopaedic market segments have reached maturity, adoption of innovative, premium-priced devices such as reverse shoulder implants, anchors and anatomic plates and screws, along with surgeon specialization in small joints.  Patient demand will add an additional influence with growth in older populations including demographic factors such as obesity and osteoarthritis.Sports injuries will be a driving factor in younger populations.1

Pre-contoured anatomic plates for hand and foot and ankle applications, cannulated implants for proximal interphalangeal fusions, and wedges for osteotomies offer some examples where PEEK-OPTIMA polymers can drive superior performance.  Demonstrated benefits include:

  • Bioinert and biocompatible with modulus of elasticity close to cortical bone
  • Radiolucency allowing for a more accurate assessment of fusion2
  • Improved patient satisfaction3
  • Improved level of direct bone contact in as early as 4 weeks4
  • New bone formation as early as 6 weeks5

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are paving the way in extremity orthopedic technology with leading devices such as the CANNULINKTM Intraosseous fixation system by the Wright Medical Group N. V,6 HAT-TRICKTM Proximal Inter-Phalangeal (PIP) Fusion by Smith & Nephew,7 and The VectorTM Hammertoe Correction System for Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Arthodesis by Nvision Biomedical Technologies.8


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5. Study evaluated the in vivo response to PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural, PEEK-OPTIMA™ HA Enhanced and allograft in a cervical spine fusion model in sheep. Data on file at Invibio.  This data has not been correlated with human clinical experience.     

6. CANNULINK™” trademark is the property of Wright Medical Group N.V. or its affiliates. 

7. HAT-TRICK™ trademark is the property of Smith & Nephew.

8. Vector™ trademark is the property of Nvision Biomedical Technologies.


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