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From applications such as cranio-maxillofacial implants, catheter-based interventions, printed implantable electrodes and extremity emerging arthroplasty devices, our metal-replacement solutions are focused on improving long-term clinical outcomes and patients’ lives. 

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Invibio is committed to developing solutions that can bring significant advantages for patients and surgeons. We are more than a biomaterials provider; we are a partner that can add value to all stages of a medical device product lifecycle.

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Utilizing multiple approaches to gain insight into patient and clinician challenges and health economic impact.

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Developing materials, components or devices that address key challenges focusing on improved outcomes at reduced costs.

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Collaborating with universities and our partners to determine performance criteria and address risks.

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Partnering to identify regulatory pathways in support of fast tracking clearance.

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Generating clinical evidence and collaborating with KOLs to drive market adoption; offering our partners technical, marketing and sales support.

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The patient’s own removed bone segments are always the first choice for implantation. However, unfortunately only a few of those re-implantations succeed, leaving the patient with a defect. To reconstruct this defect in the best way possible the surgeon uses a patient specific implant. Although the use of PEEK is relatively new in the case of cranial implants, Invibio’s PEEK-OPTIMA is proven with over 10 years of history in a wide variety of different regulatory approved devices. Their verified biocompatibility and biostability is crucial for surgeons when choosing materials

Peter Kessler
Department of Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery 
Maastricht University Medical Centre

We chose PEEK-OPTIMA because the product has a long safety record, is compatible with our manufacturing environment and is consistently available on short notice should our customers demand it

James Ketner 
President & CEO
Kelyniam Global Inc.

PEEK enabled surgeon and patient benefits beyond the range provided by metallic cranial fixation devices. Surgeons can perform the procedure without instrumentation, and in addition, the Cranial LOOP is completely radiolucent – none of these are possible with metallic biomaterials. Benefits to patients include reduced risk of infection, soft tissue damage, and stress shielding or mechanical mismatch between bone and implant, and, because PEEK-OPTIMA is less likely to attach to tissue, revision surgery is easier as well.

Luís Chico
General Manager
NEOS Surgery™ 

It’s reset my expectations for bone healing. When I go back to using a standard implant for whatever reason, I’m disappointed. I don’t see the same healing I do when using PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced.

Adam W. Rives
Hand and Upper Extremity
Orthopedics Surgeon
Liberty Hospital



Supporting the medical industry for over a decade, our PEEK polymer solutions are proven across a range of applications.

peek-optima™ Natural

PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer blends proven performance with superior wear, safety and comfort. Since Invibio introduced PEEK-OPTIMA as the first implantable PEEK polymer in 1999, it has earned the confidence and gained the acceptance of the global medical community.

The properties of PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural, used in specific-patient implants for cranioplasty, offer many advantages over conventional materials such as Titanium and PMMA.

Eminently compatible with CAD/CAM milling processes, it offers implant fixation precision1, strong2-4, bio-inert and biocompatible7,8, offers patients great aesthetic outcomes5 and comfort due to a lack of thermal conductivity3,7. Surgeons benefit too with our material’s natural radiolucency with CT and MRI, allowing  post-operative diagnostic imaging.1,9,10

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