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Why Partner with Invibio

With approximately 9 million devices implanted worldwide, Invibio is a leading provider of proven PEEK-based biomaterial solutions for implantable medical devices. Our revolutionary PEEK-OPTIMA polymers have over 15 years of proven clinical history and are established as a safe, long-term implantable polymer. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you to address unmet clinical needs by developing next-generation medical devices composed of PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymers. Our capabilities and knowledge ranges from:

  • Material and component development
  • Performance, Manufacturing, Verification and Validation
  • Market insight
  • Regulatory education and guidance
  • Clinical relations
  • Clinical evidence programs
  • Sales, Marketing and Technical Support
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Meeting the future needs of medical device companies, surgeons and patients

Invibio is committed to developing solutions can bring significant advantages for patients and surgeons. We are more than a biomaterials provider, we are a partner that can add value to all stages of a medical device product lifecycle.

Identifying New Opportunities

Utilizing multiple approaches to gain insight into patient and clinician challenges and health economic impact.

Developing Materials and Components

Developing materials, components or devices that address key challenges focusing on improved outcomes at reduced costs.

Validating Performance

Collaborating with universities and our partners to determine performance criteria and address risks.

Supporting Regulatory Processes

Partnering to identify regulatory pathways in support of fast tracking clearance.

Expediting Market Adoption

Generating clinical evidence and collaborating with KOLs to drive market adoption; offering our partners technical, marketing and sales support.

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Our Areas of Expertise

As a leading provider of PEEK-based biomaterial solutions worldwide, Invibio is focused on meeting the needs of medical device manufacturers and has a strong commitment to continually innovate for improved patient outcomes with lower costs. Everyday, our implantable PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are used in diverse medical applications. Explore our areas of expertise for non-metal solutions:

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