Invibio at AO Davos Trauma Courses 2022


We are excited to share our latest experience at AO Davos Trauma Courses 2022. The congress is the largest international trauma course in the world and attracts surgeons from all corners of the globe, and Invibio is honoured to have been invited by the AO Foundation for the 10th year in a row. 
Invibio at AO Davos Trauma Courses 2022

Photo of AO Davos, Switzerland by: Dr Fedra Zaribaf, Invibio Biomaterial Solutions

There was a great variety of topics discussed, and in our conversations with trauma surgeons at AO you could hear the passion in participants' voices discussing the implications of their research to clinical practice. The live cadaver labs have been fascinating to watch and highlight the importance of critical design features in trauma fixation plating systems and surgical techniques.

Here are two hot topics we picked up on during our week in Davos:

Hot topic 1: Fracture Related Infection (FRI)

A hot topic this year was FRI and Dr Fintan Moriarty, Principal Investigator and Leader of the Musculoskeletal Infection at the AO Research Institute, delivered an insightful seminar underlining how significant avoiding, identifying and managing FRI is for surgeons and patients. In the past 5 years, international consensus on a definition of these infections has focused greater attention on FRI, and new guidelines are available for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Further improvements in understanding the role of perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis and the optimal treatment approach would be transformative for the field. 

Hot topic 2: Carbon fiber PEEK composite technology

Whilst in Davos, Invibio PEEK experts  Dr Jo Wilson, Trauma Programme Leader, and Dr Fedra Zaribaf, Strategic Technology Manager, and Irene Sinz Dipl. Ing, Orthopedic Market Development Leader, had the pleasure to meet surgeons from across the world and teach them how carbon fibre PEEK polymer composite technology is used in modern fracture fixation plates.  The team have been talking to attendees about their views and experiences on the impact that high performance materials and optimized plate design can have on improving patient care.

Invibio is pioneering research & development into our composite technology, PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra Reinforced polymer, and how it optimizes plating systems to their maximum potential. By collaborating with leading trauma experts, innovators and implant manufacturers, we have developed a community who is passionate about advancing patient outcomes through high performance carbon fiber PEEK polymer solutions – and it was a privilege to meet so many at AO Davos this year.  

Final thoughts from AO Davos  

The development of high performance materials is one of the greatest motivators for positive change in trauma. Innovation in this industry will be what sets the technology apart from previous generations, creating new ways to save lives. Advances in trauma technology and materials go hand-in hand, and are sure to drive change in clinical practice and patient care. It's exciting to be a part of the industry at this time and we look forward to returning to AO Davos in the future.

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