Superior biomaterial properties of PEEK-OPTIMATM polymer have the potential to improve performance in active implantable medical devices.

One of the most dynamic areas in the healthcare industry today are active implantable medical devices (AIMDs). An active implantable medical device is any active medical device that is intended to be totally or partially introduced into the human body for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, and which is intended to remain in place. AIMDs include a wide range of devices including; implantable cardiac pacemakers, defibrillators, glucose monitors and infusion pumps and accessories, and cochlear implants, for example.

As researchers seek to improve existing therapies and develop new active implantable medical devices, PEEK-OPTIMA polymer has been analyzed to assess the potential benefits for active implantable medical devices.

These benefits may include:1

  • High strength
  • Implant stability
  • Resistance to hydrolysis and the effects of ionizing radiation,
  • Repeated sterilization using conventional gamma irradiation, steam and ethylene oxide (EtO) 
  • Mechanical performance, combining strength, stiffness and toughness even after sterilization 
  • Radiolucent without imaging artifacts in X-rays, CT and MRI scans

The dielectric properties of PEEK-OPTIMA polymers allow for exceptional performance as an insulator, with minimal interference and minimal loss over changing conditions such as temperature, humidity, and frequency.  In addition to excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties, PEEK-OPTIMA polymers have a low dielectric constant and very low loss.  This minimizes signal attenuation and allows features such as telemetry or wireless charging through the PEEK material with greatly reduced signal attenuation or eddy current loss compared to metal implants.2


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2. Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.


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