Knee Arthroscopy

Tibial sheath and screw systems made from our biomaterials offer superior mechanical strength, reduced intraoperative complications and ease of removal.

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural features mechanical strength superior to bioactive implants, reducing intraoperative product failure. Clinical studies in 51 patients have shown that tibial sheath and screw systems made of our biomaterial give satisfactory clinical and radiological results with low complication rate.1

Ease of removal is another stand-out feature, with surgeons reported to be able to completely remove the device following guidelines.2

Knee screw systems made out of our PEEK-OPTIMA Natural biomaterial:

  • Demonstrates superior, effective pullout strength3
  • Provides process and design flexibility that allows variation in product stiffness. Ideal for screw sheaths that prohibit graft rotation during screw insertion6
  • Allows for greater design and production flexibility for injection molding and machining processes
  • Are inherently radiolucent, allowing simple post-operative assessment of repairs using standard imaging techniques.6

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural is completely bio-inert to reduce the risk of patient reaction to devices implanted in the body.6

PEEK-OPTIMA is paving the way in knee arthroscopy, with leading applications such as the AperFix® system by Cayenne Medical Inc. a Zimmer Biomet company4, PEEK Interference Screws by Arthrex Inc., BIOSURETM PK by Smith and Nephew5.


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