Your Total Solutions Partner

Research and Development

Our robust R&D facilities, strategic partnerships, and development support teams help you forge a path to device innovation.

Collaboration and Innovation

Invibio’s world leadership in R&D for medical grade PEEK offers unique opportunities to collaborate and bring next generation devices to market.

Long-term partnerships

Trusted partnerships with device manufacturers and research institutions make it possible to yield breakthrough ideas that advance patient outcomes.

Original research

Our ongoing commitment to biomaterial research and studies, results in new scientific data that inspire and inform future medical and dental device solutions.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

Invibio is an established, ISO-certified manufacturer of components and devices with leading edge facilities and unparalleled expertise in PEEK processing.  From streamlining your manufacturing processes to providing complete contract manufacturing services, you can rely on us for your next medical or dental device.

Product forms

A wide range of product forms for unlimited flexibility

PEEK-OPTIMA polymers are available in a range of grades and forms that offer unlimited design and manufacturing flexibility. Whether it’s optimizing your supply chain with our manufactured components, providing semi-finished products, or simply supplying raw materials, we have a wide range of product options to suit your development needs.

Product development

Collaborative product development leads to greater innovation

Working in partnership with you during development and manufacturing opens up new doors to innovation. Our engineers offer invaluable expertise in PEEK materials and tooling, process development and validation, machining, molding, and more. Leverage our dedicated medical testing laboratories and our controlled manufacturing environment for prototyping or high-volume production.


Uncompromising quality for demanding markets

Our quality control standards, testing protocols (accredited to BS EN ISO 178:2019 (Flexural Testing), BS EN ISO527-1:2019, BS EN ISO527-2:2012 (Tensile Testing) BS EN ISO 1183-1:2019 (Density) and BS EN ISO 11357-1:2016, 11357-2:2020, 11357-3:2018 (DSC)) and manufacturing procedures help ensure we meet the most stringent specifications demanded by the industry. As a Victrex company, our materials supply chain is completely traceable, entirely reproducible and 100% dependable.

Full details of Invibio’s testing accreditation can be found here.

UKAS Certification


Platform experience

Our unparalleled experience in bringing new biomaterial platforms to market provides you with the support needed to navigate complex regulatory pathways.

Emerging markets

We are actively engaged with global regulatory authorities including, the CFDA in China, PMDA in Japan and ANVISA in Brazil, and offer valuable insights for effective market expansion.

Data Foundation

Our comprehensive master files offer extensive data that proves our product platforms are suitable for use which can overcome regulatory hurdles and facilitate market adoption.

Technical support dedicated to your project

Teaming up with Invibio means you have 60+ collective years of experience at your side. Our extensive knowledge of PEEK polymers for medical and dental applications surpasses anything in the industry. Here are just a few ways we can help you reach your critical milestones:

  • Complete preparation and handling instructions
  • Extensive analytical capabilities (mechanical, physical-chemical, dimensional)
  • Start-up and clean-down procedures
  • Equipment and processing recommendations
  • Recommended operating conditions
  • Process troubleshooting and optimization
  • Finishing operations, including machining and annealing
  • Comprehensive diagnostic reports with next step recommendations

Receive the latest clinical evidence and data for PEEK-OPTIMA based applications

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