Benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural Polymer

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural polymer has a  track record of more than 20 years for safety, biocompatibility and biostability, supported by thousands of available implantable devices, worldwide. No other implantable PEEK is as extensively used in US FDA 510(k), CE-marked and other regulatory body cleared devices around the world.


PEEK-OPTIMA Natural provides artifact-free imaging and unobstructed views when using X-ray, CT and MRI imaging techniques.

Stiffness Similar to Bone

With a bone-like modulus, PEEK-OPTIMA Natural helps minimize stress shielding and stimulate bone healing.

Strong and Durable

PEEK-OPTIMA Natural is extremely strong, durable and highly resistant to creep1 and fatigue. The polymer can withstand sterilization repeatedly without degradation.2


1. Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions™. Mechanical Benchmark of Carbon Fiber PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced vs Ti 6AI-4V Plates undergoing Static and Dynamic Testing per ASTM F382-99 (2008).

2. Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions™.

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This high-performance, implant-grade polymer serves as the foundation for the PEEK-OPTIMA product family.

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All the benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA Natural plus Hydroxyapatite (HA), a well-known osteo-conductive material, to encourage bone on-growth.

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PEEK-OPTIMA™ Image Contrast

PEEK-OPTIMA Image Contrast

All the performance advantages of the clinically proven PEEK-OPTIMA Natural with tailored radiopacity for optimal implant and healing site visibility.

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PEEK-OPTIMA™ Reinforced

PEEK-OPTIMA Reinforced

A carbon fiber reinforced compound to increase strength while reducing stress shielding by more closely matching cortical bone stiffness.

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PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced

PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced

An implantable composite formed by continuous carbon fibers within a PEEK-OPTIMA Natural polymer matrix for enhanced mechanical strength and stiffness.

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PEEK-OPTIMA™ Wear Performance

PEEK-OPTIMA Wear Performance

An advanced composite designed to meet the critical wear performance requirements of orthopedic joint arthroplasty.

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