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Mar 28 2012 Press release

Cutting Edge Spine announces commercial availability of new family of PEEK-OPTIMA based spinal interbody systems

E-Vol System of spinal fusion device

Cutting Edge Spine (CES), an emerging leader in the supply of interbody implant systems for surgery of the spine, today announced commercial availability of the E-Vol System of spinal fusion devices. A 510k cleared family of spinal interbody systems, the E-Vol system offers instrumentation and forms specific to anterior, posterior, lateral and transforaminal approaches. The devices are all manufactured with proven PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer from Invibio™ Biomaterial Solutions.

“The E-Vol system is designed with the engineering objective to develop an implant that becomes a functional, integral, part of the spine” states Randy Roof, Manager and Co-founder of CES. CES has a design philosophy focused on development of implants that offer maximum bone/bone interface, stability, and enhanced load sharing; respecting the 3 major premises to bone healing.

Choosing the correct partner for the device material was also a critical decision for CES. Mr. Roof states “In order to provide the market with the highest quality implant possible, which has been our objective since day one, Invibio was the clear choice for CES given the impeccable safety record of PEEK-OPTIMA  and its more than 10 years of use in spinal implants. Additionally, as a start-up company, we want a partner that understands our needs; and Invibio has proven to be just that partner.”

About Cutting Edge Spine
CES has a mission of directly supplying high quality implant systems to stocking Distributors and Hospitals at a cost-conscious price; providing optimal value to our Partners. Visit the CES website at cutting-edge-spine.com.

Cutting Edge Spine Contact
Mr. Brad Roof
Ph: + 704-243-0892

About Invibio

Invibio is a global leader providing high performance biomaterials, advanced technical research and consultative solutions to medical device manufacturers across a wide range of markets. The company provides medical device manufacturers with PEEK-OPTIMA polymer and compounds, MOTIS™ polymer, ENDOLIGN™ composite and PEEK-CLASSIX™ polymer for the development of long- and short-term implantable medical devices.Visit us at www.invibio.com.

Invibio Contact
Melanie Embery
Ph: +44 (0) 1253 898024

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