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Mar 28 2017

A New Era in the Precision Design of Dental Implant Prostheses

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the JUVORA™ dental disc for the manufacture of long-term implant-borne prosthetic frameworks.

The PEEK polymer CAD/CAM device, a major innovation in dental prosthetics, is compatible for use with fixed rehabilitation systems including the ALL-ON-41treatment concept and the STRAUMANN2 PRO ARCH system. 

Proven biomaterial What sets the JUVORA dental disc apart is the biomaterial the device is made from: PEEK-OPTIMA™ Natural, the world’s first implantable PEEK polymer. PEEK-OPTIMA polymer is widely recognized within the spinal interbody fusion market. More than five million PEEK-OPTIMA-based spinal devices are now implanted worldwide. The biomaterial for the JUVORA dental disc is sourced exclusively from Invibio Ltd and has more than 15 years of proven clinical efficacy.

The unique feature-set of the biomaterial, and accordingly the JUVORA dental disc, includes a superior combination of strength, natural bone-like flex and toughness. It is the bone-like flex or modulus which gives the JUVORA implant prosthetic framework the potential to react in a more natural way to the stresses and forces it encounters.3

Patients benefit "Patients have told us their JUVORA prosthetics feel like having their natural teeth back.  It’s hard to imagine how immense this statement really is if you’ve never experienced dental prosthetics – but when you meet the patients, it’s clear how much it means, and how much confidence they have in everyday situations, like eating, or smiling in public.  This is partly because of the more natural weight, and superior comfort through tailored fit because the prosthetic has been made with precision through CAD/CAM workflows", noted Lynne Todd, Head of Invibio Dental and Juvora.

The successful CE mark approval in Europe and introduction of the JUVORA dental disc onto the European dental market in 2012 set the course for a new era in dental prosthetics that can result in improved comfort, durability and precision compared to metal prosthetic devices.  And it serves as a further proof on how Invibio opens up innovative routes and new possibilities based on its high-performance PEEK-OPTIMA™ for the medical profession, device makers and last, but by no means least, patients.


1. The “ALL-ON-4” treatment concept is a trademark and property of Nobel Biocare Services AG

2. The “STRAUMANN” name is a trademark of Straumann Holding AG.

3. Bone Regeneration Based on Tissue Engineering Conceptions —A 21st Century Perspective Jan Henkel, Maria A. Woodruff, Devakara R. Epari, Roland Steck, VaidaGlatt, Ian C. Dickinson, Peter F. M. Choong, Michael A. Schuetz & Dietmar W. Hutmacher, Bone Research (2013) 1, 216–248    

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