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Dr. John Grasmeder

Chief Scientist

John has over 25 years’ experience in the polymer industry, in R&D, commercial and business leadership positions at leading, global chemical companies. He was Victrex's Technical Director from 2010 and became Chief Scientist in 2016.

John's expertise: polymer science, materials science/chemistry, polymer compounds, composites as well as thermoplastics processing, properties testing and materials analysis.


Dr. Andy Chang

Sr Application Development Engineer 

Andy is the senior application development engineer for Victrex’s Energy Strategic Business Unit.  He joined Victrex in 2017 and his experience spans different types of materials (thermoplastics, elastomers, composites), processes and applications

Andy's expertise: application development, processing PEEK polymer, root cause investigations and solid state structure-property relationships.


Carin Burger

Technical Service Engineer

Carin has been a material scientist at Victrex for over 15 years.  She has experience in R&D and technical services.  She enjoys her work as part of the EMEA tech service team, working with customers to solve their issues and providing support in design, processing and manufacturing.

Carin's expertise: PEEK processing techniques, designing with high performance polymers such as PAEK, application development.


Dr. James Myers

Head of Research & Development

James has a PhD in Engineering focusing on development of advanced composite structures for radome applications from Manchester University. He has been working with fibre reinforced polymers for over 20 years and working with PAEK composite materials and structures since 2008. 

James's expertise: thermoplastic composite processing and design for manufacture as well as qualification and certification, composite Hybrid Moulding.


Dr. Marcus Jarman-Smith

New Business Development Manager

Marcus joined Victrex in 2006 and has held technical roles with Victrex's medical business unit (Invibio) and commercial roles, most recently in Business Development, scouting for breakthrough technologies as well as supporting the development of Victrex's Additive Manufacturing offering.

Marcus's expertise: PEEK in medical and dental applications as well as food contact, materials and technologies for Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing.


Dr. Masakazu Tanaka

Technology Leader Electronics & AP

Masa has a PhD in Polymer Science and Technology and has been a part of the Victrex Research & Development team for nearly 15 years.  He has held product development, and technical services roles in Japan and the UK.  

Masa's expertise: polymer science and physics, polymer compounds, polymer processing technology, material characterisation and analysis.


Sherri Gambill 

Trauma Technology Manager

Sherri joined Victrex in 2013 and has held technical and commercial roles within Victrex’s medical business unit (Invibio), most recently as the R&D manager for the Trauma program. Sherri’s 15 years medical device experience spans application development and engineering roles at leading, global medical device companies.

Sherri's expertise: medical device application development, design for manufacturability, and design control processes.