Catheter Based Interventions

Drug delivery applications using PEEK-OPTIMATM polymers have the potential to enable the advancement of minimally invasive surgical techniques and cross-contamination safety.

Evolving minimally invasive surgical techniques require continual advancement in catheter and intrathecal systems — whether developing a catheter to be used acutely in the delivery of a specialized device or a drug delivery system that will be implanted long-term.

Benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA polymers

  • A range of biomaterials with high tensile strength, tailored radiopacity and compatibility with multiple sterilization methods1
  • Easily extruded into tubing with excellent kink resistance
  • Ability to be molded or machined for complex catheter connector components with high-strength and MRI-compatibility requirements1
  • Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals       
  • Resistant to stress cracking - the process that can occur from extended exposure to liquids when used as a port1


1. Supporting information available upon request.


Supporting the medical industry for two decades, our PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer solutions are proven across a range of specialty applications

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