Benefits of Trauma Plates

Metal has been used for fracture fixation for decades, with generally good outcomes. However, complications related to non-unions, delayed unions and implant failure continue to be a challenge1 – especially for higher risk patients.  Now there is a material that may extend the time before implant failure and increase the potential for healing.2  PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced, a carbon fiber composite, combines our high performance polymer, PEEK-OPTIMATM Natural, with carbon fiber for tailored stiffness and more flexible fixation.Compared to metal plates, PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced polymer provides:

360° Fracture Visibility

PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced is radiolucent offering circumferential visibility of the fracture site before and after the procedure

150% Greater Callus Formation3

PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced, a carbon fiber composite, may improve secondary bone healing with earlier and greater callus formation, compared to metal

50X Greater Fatigue Resistance2

PEEK-OPTIMA Ultra-Reinforced, a carbon fiber composite, may provide an increased window of opportunity for healing to occur before fatigue-induced implant failure can occur, compared to metal


1. Henderson CE, et al. Locking plates for distal femur fractures: is there a problem with fracture healing? J Orthop Trauma. 2011 Feb;25 Suppl 1:S8-14.

2. Data on file at Invibio. Mechanical Benchmark of Carbon Fiber PEEK-OPTIMA™ Ultra-Reinforced vs Ti 6Al-4V Plates undergoing Static and Dynamic Testing per ASTM F382-99 (2008). 

3. Jo Wilson, PhD, Matthew Cantwell; Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Carbon Fiber Composites May Improve Healing of Fractures Stabilized with Intramedullary Nails. (Basic Science Focus Forum, paper #4, 2014) 155.

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