PEEK-OPTIMA™ Spinal Rods

Benefits of PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods

Invibio PEEK-OPTIMA™ Spinal Rod components offer a semi-rigid posterior fixation solution that bridges the gap between stiff all-metal constructs and dynamic treatment options.

Improved load-sharing

PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods provide more anterior loading compared to metal which may allow for additional stimulus for bone to form and fusion to occur.1

Strong and Flexible

PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods may reduce the range of motion to stabilize the treated segment allowing for enough freedom to maintain physiological movement on adjacent upper and lower segments preserving or slowing down the degeneration of adjacent discs.2-3


PEEK-OPTIMA Spinal Rods allow for artifact-free imaging in X-rays, CT and MRI scans, making it a good option when unobstructed views are required to assess healing or disease progression.


1. Moumene M, et al. Biomechanical Effect of PEEK Rod vs. Metallic Rod in Spinal Fusion Constructs. In: Lim C.T., Goh J.C.H. (eds) 6th World Congress of Biomechanics (WCB 2010). August 1-6, 2010 Singapore. IFMBE Proceedings, Vol 31. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.

2. Data on file at Invibio Biomaterial Solutions.

3. Turner JL, et al. The mechanical effect of commercially pure titanium and polyetheretherketone rods on spinal implants at the operative and adjacent levels. Spine. 2010 Oct 1;35(21):E1076-82.

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