Supply chain collaboration.

Enhance supply chain and operational efficiency.

Supply chain collaboration maximizes potential efficiencies and reduces risk across the organisation.

Supply chain collaboration maximises potential efficiencies and reduces risk across the organization

Invibio has extensive experience collaborating with our device partners to support, manage or outsource critical processes. We use our specialised knowledge and capabilities to deliver safe, secure product supply and help you create efficiencies and improve the success of project outcomes.

Business continuity guarantee

Invibio is vertically integrated within the raw material supply chain through its parent company Victrex Plc, which for customers, means reduced risk through increased control to deliver consistent, reliable supply of high quality materials. The unprecedented co-ordination of the supply chain means that production of the raw material, through to PEEK-OPTIMA products and device components are all produced on a single site providing paramount quality assurance and continuous availability of products.

100% product availability

Invibio employ industry best practices in its risk management and crisis management procedures as well as significant investment in inventory at all key stages in the process. The result is that Invibio’s customers continue to only ever experience 100% product availability for PEEK-OPTIMA stock shapes and granules.

Improving performance of your supply chain

The market dynamics of the spinal device industry have created a need for supply chain excellence that delivers improved economic value and service.

Invibio is committed to working with our customers to optimise the entire PEEK-OPTIMA supply chain, from polymerisation to product, to deliver a more efficient and agile supply chain.

Invibio partners with its customers to deliver:

  • A reduction in stock-holding inventories that improves customer cash flow.
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI) solutions where agreed levels of customer stock are maintained, at their warehouse.
  • Reduced administration resources through aligned labelling and processing systems.