Abutments made with our biomaterials offer excellent gingival tissue interaction and proven biocompatibility

Dental abutments are connectors, either secured onto or built into the top of the dental implant, and allow for the connection between the implant and the tooth’s replacing prosthesis.

Our engineered biomaterials provide dental device manufacturers with the opportunity to develop abutments with:

  • Excellent soft tissue behavior1
  • Superior mechanical performance2,3
  • Biocompatibility4
  • Long term or provisional use4

We provide an innovative technology that offers an edge for any device manufacturer that wants to stay ahead of competition.

  • Stock abutment mass inventory production using injection-molding
  • Custom abutment shapes to suit in-lab or chairside CAD/CAM


1. Rho, JY et al (1993). “Young’s modulus of trabecular and cortical bone material: Ultrasonic and microtensile measurements”. Journal of Biomechanics 26 (2); 111–119

2. Industry testing in-mouth simulation measured JUVORATM at 1,300N force.

3. The JUVORATM Dental Disc is made using PEEK, which requires less force to bend, and it can be repeatedly bent without breaking, unlike other stronger materials.

4. Kurtz, S (2012). "PEEK Biomaterials Handbook". Edition 1, Oxford, Elsevier Inc.

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