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May 26 2020 - May 26 2020 Online Webinar

Live Webinar: Mimicking the shock-absorption of the periodontal ligament with PEEK implant-supported prostheses to improve clinical outcomes

In this webinar, Dr Miguel Nobre, MALO CLINIC Director, will focus on the clinical outcomes for edentulous patients with JUVORA™ full-arch implant-supported prostheses, a high-performance polymer made from PEEK-OPTIMA™.

The MALO CLINIC, an international network of dental clinics, present the evolution of its signature All-on-4 treatment protocol, using a high-performance polymer as the ideal material for the prosthetic framework substructure.There is increased interest in the long–term clinical outcomes and quality of life of patients treated with a high-performance PEEK polymer for the framework material for full-arch implant-supported dental prosthetics, rather than the traditionally used metals or ceramic materials.

Register: https://www.dtstudyclub.com/webinar/mimicking-the-shock-absorption-of-the-periodontal-ligament-with-peek-implant-supported-prostheses-to-improve-clinical-outcomes

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