Extremity medical devices made of our biomaterials are radiolucent enabling surgeons to visualise fusion, reduce stress shielding and cater for easier revision compared with metal.

The extremity device market was estimated in 2015 at $3.82 Billion and is forecasted to grow significantly.Orthopedic extremity devices, foot arthrodesis and arthroplasty volumes are expected to grow with deformity corrections performed in the foot driven by favorable demographic factors (obesity, diabetes) and becoming increasingly common due to rising aesthetic consciousness.

Pre-contoured anatomic and contourable plates for hand, foot and ankle, cannulated, compression screws and hammertoe and wedges for osteotomies offers some examples where our biomaterials can drive superior performance. Benefits include:

  • Bionert, biocompatible, no-resorbable biomaterial with a modulus of elasticity lower than metallic implant materials similar to cortical bone3
  • Radiolucency allowing  for a more accurate assessment of fusion4
  • Improved patient satisfaction5
  • Improved level of direct bone contact inas early as 4 weeks6
  • New bone formation in as early as 6 weeks7

PEEK-OPTIMATM is paving the way in extremity orthopedic technology with leading devices such as the CANNULINK™ Intraosseous fixation system by the Wright Medical Group N. V,8 TOEGRIP® implant for Inter-Phalangeal Fusion by SYNCHRO MEDICAL SARL,9 and HAT-TRICTM Proximal Inter-Phalangeal (PIP) Fusion by Smith&Nephew.10


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