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Developing the next generation of ortho devices

Used in applications such as hip cups, rotating-hinge knees and knotless shoulder anchors, our metal-replacement solutions are reshaping orthopedics to deliver greater long-term patient satisfaction. From discovering new ortho device opportunities to supporting market adoption, Invibio is here to help you every step of the way in this highly regulated environment.

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Meeting the needs of medical device companies, surgeons and patients

Invibio is committed to developing solutions that can bring significant advantages for patients and surgeons. We are more than a biomaterials provider; we are a partner that can add value to all stages of a medical device product lifecycle.

Identifying New Opportunities

Utilizing multiple approaches to gain insight into patient and clinician challenges and health economic impact.

Developing Materials and Components

Developing materials, components or devices that address key challenges focusing on improved outcomes at reduced costs.

Validating Performance

Collaborating with universities and our partners to determine performance criteria and address risks.

Supporting Regulatory Processes

Partnering to identify regulatory pathways in support of fast tracking clearance.

Expediting Market Adoption

Generating clinical evidence and collaborating with KOLs to drive market adoption; offering our partners technical, marketing and sales support.

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Supporting orthopedics

Read what leading ortho healthcare and industry professionals say about our biomaterial solutions

Carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK as a bearing surface material can have good wear resistance…
PEEK Interference Screws, made from PEEK-OPTIMA™, provide strong mechanical fixation for both bone-patellar tendon-bone (BTB) and soft tissue grafts in ACL and PCL reconstruction.
PEEK Optima provides greater wear and cold flow resistance as well as dimensional stability during the lifetime of our knee’s hinge mechanism (less than 15 years), which aids resistance to dislocation…

ORTHO Applications

Our biomaterial solutions have been chosen by innovative orthopedic device manufacturers for over a decade in a range of applications.


PEEK-OPTIMA™ polymer blends proven performance with superior wear, safety and comfort and has properties that are closer to bone than metal, so there is less stress shielding.1  Since Invibio introduced PEEK-OPTIMA as the first implantable PEEK polymer in 1999, it has earned the confidence and gained the acceptance of the global medical community.

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